The purchase or sale of assets, the search for investors for company projects, the expansion of activities is just a small list of tasks faced by companies in their development process.

Corporate Finance is a part of the Finance which gives a clear answer to two major questions related to the valuation of assets.

The first question is the assessment of an investment capital, whether or not to invest in a particular project. The second question is the capital structure. It’s like this, you have a project and you know that it is good and worth investing. But where can you get money from? Should you invest your own money, or maybe attract shareholders and other partners who would become co-owners of the project? Or should or shouldn’t you attract credit funds, or maybe borrow them to finance the project, or should you even attract other methods of financing, such as venture financing?

The involvement of professionals in the field of corporate finance will help you and your company to get answers to these questions.