Business Process Outsourcing has become a popular practice all around the world. Russian companies are not an exception. A classic example of outsourcing is the contracting out a part of the company accounting and finance departments’ duties to a third party.

We believe that the success of outsourcing depends on the establishment of effective long-term relationship with the customers, the timely discussion of all important issues and quick respond to clients' requests and needs.

We attach the utmost importance to the quality of our services. Our company has a system of internal monitorings and audits covering all aspects of our services.

The Main Types of Accounting Advisory Services:

  • accounting outsourcing, including accounting based on the Russian legislation standards and preparation of statutory financial reporting;

  • preparation and submission of required tax reporting to the tax authorities;

  • accounting according to international standards and reporting to the head company;

  • development of accounting policies for the purposes of accounting and taxation;

  • payroll and tax calculation, preparation and submission of reporting on them;

  • consultation on payroll and personnel procedures;

  • preparation of HR documents (personnel records management);

  • maintaining of accounting and tax separate areas, including the fixed assets accounting, creditors and debtors control accounts, bank and cash transactions accounting, etc.;

  • preparing and submitting statistical reports to the state statistical bodies;

  • adjustments and restoration of accounting and tax accounting;

  • one-time projects, including the development of accounting policies, accounting during the reorganization of companies;

  • services on transformation of Russian accounting into IFRS accounting;

  • setting of the accounting in accordance with Russian standards and IFRS at the same time;

  • analysis of accounting, taxation and/or reporting on them;

  • support during on-site or off-site tax inspections;

  • advisory on accounting and preparation of reports in accordance with Russian standards and IFRS.