Tax Consultations

In our everyday life we often meet situations related to tax legislation which is quite difficult to understand by ourselves. Our tax consultants are ready to answer any questions of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals, relating to taxation issues.

Consultations are provided in written form and contain a detailed description of the problem, normative documents references andthe official position of the tax authorities on this issue.

Please note that you can take advantage of this offer on Fridays from 11:00 to16:00 (Moscow time).

You can send your questions on our e-mail or using send-a-request-for-services form on our web-site.

The Number of Hypermarkets May Be Limited

The development of hypermarkets is bad for the business competition. Small and medium-sized enterprises cannot survive vicinity with them and go broke. The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to limit the development of large format stores. To do this, additional requirements for their construction or lease may be introduced.

Rossiyskaya gazeta

The Cost of Living in the Russian Federation Increased to 8 192 rubles

In the second quarter of this year the subsistence minimum per capita has amounted to 8 192 rubles, which is on 6.6 % higher than in the previous quarter (7 688 rubles).

Now this figure is 8 834 rubles for working-age population, 6 717 rubles for pensioners , and 7 920 rubles for children.

The increase is mainly attributable to the growth of food costs as a part of the subsistence minimum per capita on 6.2 %.

The consumer price index has increase on 2.7 %.